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Elkhorn Real Estate Partners offers a customizable suite of services to assist retailers in identifying opportunities to create value from their real estate portfolios in alignment with their overall business plans and strategy

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Market Strategy

Applying sophisticated market and trade area analytics coupled with business plans and operating performance trends, our ability to develop a specific strategy and level of prioritization for each market allows you to better focus your real estate capital and resources to drive future business results. Key areas of focus in this “top down” analysis include:


  • Performance and market position
  • Future growth potential
  • Competitive opportunities and risks
  • Alignment with future business model and strategy
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Real Estate Evaluation

Analyzing individual operating stores and real estate assets allows us to assist you in identifying areas of opportunity to invest in or modify specific real estate assets to improve individual store performance. Key areas of focus in this “bottom up” analysis include:


  • Current and future projected operating performance
  • Trade area quality, store position, and competitive dynamics
  • Physical real estate and shopping center improvement opportunities
  • Leasehold or ownership interest value creation opportunities
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Planning and Prioritization

Combining the Market Strategy with the Real Estate Evaluation results allows us to create a tailored plan for each market and real estate asset which balances the need to leverage opportunities on an individual store basis with the need to factor in market and business strategy. This allows us to develop a plan which:


  • Integrates and optimizes the use of real estate capital and resources
  • Leverages real estate opportunities in alignment with broader business plans
  • Balances investment between stronger markets and individual store assets to achieve higher overall growth and returns
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Execution Programming

In partnership with your real estate and senior executive team, a detailed execution plan can be created in order to ensure that the value creation opportunities identified are realized. This includes the creation of:


  • A detailed list of activities, deliverables, timelines, and expected benefits
  • Resource and capability requirements and gaps
  • Planning and tracking reporting including frequency of updates and internal reporting requirements